ATAC Update

Simply put ATAC have just been rolling along with no real direction and leadership in the last couple of years, there are a number of reasons for this but we want to focus on the future. At a meeting earlier this year a number of representatives from across our clubs met to decide what the future would hold. It was unanimously decided that ATAC was worth pursuing and it was vital for clubs across the country to come together and give a voice to Scotland supporters. Whilst we understand we don’t represent all Scotland supporters we do have a significant number that are members of our clubs and we will work on their behalf to ensure we have a platform to represent their views. It was also agreed to make a conscious effort to increase our numbers and review the rules we have for joining and remove any obstacles for clubs and potentially individuals to join.

To achieve this an interim committee has been set up for the next 6 months to get things moving and run the organisation until the next AGM which will be held in April next year. We will meet on a quarterly basis and representatives have also met the SFA recently to try to improve our relationship with them. This was a very constructive session and we intend to issue more details after our next meeting early in December.

Interim Committee

Chair & Fans Liaison with the SFA – Jim Brown (WESTA)
Vice Chair – Martin Riddell (ETA)
Secretary – Gareth Finn (WESTA)
Treasurer – Scott Rae (WEBATA)
Press – Hamish Husband (WESTA)
Social Media Coordinators – Dave Harley (ETA) & Craig Morrison (LADTA)