How to form a Tartan Army Club

Most established official clubs were formed by people who travelled together to home and away games or who met socially because of a common interest in the Scottish national team. Contrary to some opinions, these clubs, while being organised, are NOT regimented, stale or guilty of taking themselves too serious. Travel, tickets, beer and fitba, that’s what its all about! Most of the organisation is cantered around cheap travel for members to both home and away matches, as well as various social events throughout the year.

Why re-invent the wheel?

You probably want to check out if there are any clubs already in your area before going to all the trouble of setting your own club up.

First date

You need to get an inaugural meeting set up and get your supporters to turn up.

The inaugural meeting is the hardest and most boring part of setting up the club but it is well worth going through it in the long run. This is the meeting where club rules and a constitution are discussed and agreed upon. The Rules and Constitution are essential because when taking money off members, be that as monthly subs or savings for trips, you need to detail what that money is for and where it is going. This also describes the non-profit nature of the club, in that no individual shall make a profit out of the club. (Example club rules and constitution are available on request).

A condition of membership to any Tartan Army club should be that the member is also a member of the Scotland Supporters Club. This ensures there are no problems with match tickets and provides security for the club in the unlikely event of any disciplinary problems. The final part of the Inaugural meeting is to form a committee. Committee structures vary from club to club but there should be a minimum of a Chairman, a Treasurer, a Secretary and two other office bearers

Clubs have a variety of different office bearers for example; Travel Convenors, Social Convenors, etc.

NOTE: Before accepting any of these roles, you should be prepared for a hell of a lot of work, especially in the first year. The Committee is the driving force behind any club, and the success of the club is entirely in the hands of these dedicated people because most Tartan Army foot soldiers just want to turn up and drink beer. (and why not?)

How does my club join ATAC?

To join ATAC as an Associate member, the club must have a recognised constitution and a minimum of 25 paid up SSC members

My Club isn’t that big yet. How do I air my views?

Clubs with fewer members can still have their views represented by contacting their nearest ATAC member club or ATAC.

I have more questions!

For More information on ATAC or starting/running a Tartan Army Club, please send an email to