What do we do?

ATAC get involved in a number of activities and have had many successes over the years as we strive to encourage and help our member clubs to support our national team.  Here are some examples of things we have done and continue to do for this purpose:

So far in 2024 we have:

  • Attended UEFA Euro2024 Fans Forum event in Frankfurt
  • Attended FCDO meetings as Scotland Fans stakeholder
  • Attended ScotGov meetings as Scotland Fans stakeholder
  • Met with the British embassy team in Munich ahead of Euro2024
  • Attended site visits of Munich, Cologne and Stuttgart
  • Liaised with the Northern Irish fans group ahead of their visit to Hampden
  • Raised stadium entry concerns to SFA Security after Irish fans had experienced issues
  • Record attendance at our first quarterly meeting in 2024
  • Held a meeting with Commercial Director of Scottish Football Marketing (SFA/SPFL/SWPL)
  • Been involved in grassroots campaign to get Scotland matches on Free To Air TV

ATAC / SFA Co-operation

  • ATAC has an ongoing open dialogue with SFA Security and SSC staff ahead of every away fixture.
  • ATAC attend regular meetings with the SSC/SFA to discuss ticket pricing, season tickets, SSC membership, and overall supporter experience.
  • ATAC first proposed the idea of campaign season tickets ahead of their introduction.
  • Ahead of the 2019 Euro Qualifying campaign, the SFA sought ATAC engagement and feedback on prices for the ticket offering with the joint ambition of filling Hampden.
  • Liaised constructively with the SFA & SSC on challenges with previous ticketing systems, and offered user acceptance testing before transition to new platforms.
  • Offered feedback and worked with the SFA on the Supporters Survey, and on the changes to the Scotland Supporters Club membership and points system changes.
  • Worked with the SFA to host a web page dedicated to advertising of Scotland supporters buses, launched May 2019
  • ATAC continue to encourage and support the SFA to carry out full and random ticket pickups at away matches to ensure ticket purchasers attend
  • Raised concerns around the introduction of a pickup fee for away tickets which resulted in justifications being published
  • Conducted an analysis into the postponed sale of Euro2024 tickets and published this to the SFA and on our website

ATAC Supporter Networking

  • ATAC is a member of Football Supporters Europe(FSE) to help share information across countries and stand up for supporter’s rights throughout Europe.  ATAC is represented at the annual FSE Supporters gatherings. In the past our have presented details of the workings of the SSC to reps of the FSE congress.
  • ATAC has representation on the board of Supporters Direct Scotland(SDS)
  • Liaising with reps from the other Home Nation Supporters Organisations in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland.

ATAC for the Fans

  • ATAC have run a number of Fan embassies at a number of away matches, and now produce Sporran travel guides for every away match.
  • ATAC worked with the local organising committees in both London and Glasgow ahead of the hosting of Euro2020 matches, to discuss fan attendance, Covid safety protocols, public transport, amongst many other topics.
  • In co-operation with the Mayor’s office in Astana, organised bus transportation to and from the city centre for the match in Kazakhstan.
  • Worked with the SFA on arranging fans events such as Q&A / focus groups, and Scottish Pub Quiz at venues around the country.
  • ATAC were a big player in the No Team GB campaign 2009-2012 which successfully discouraged players from Scotland men’s team playing for a team GB. This was done in conjunction with other home nations to secure the future of our national teams
  • ATAC had discussions and worked with the police to get streets, traditionally closed after matches, to be opened around Hampden to help supporters get home quickly and safely,
  • ATAC were instrumental in the introduction of the pipe band section at Hampden.
  • Raised fan grievance with UEFA after our fans were subjected to missiles being thrown at the match in Tbilisi