Welcome to The Association of Tartan Army Clubs (ATAC)


The Association of Tartan Army Clubs (ATAC) was formed in 2000 to act on behalf of fans of the Scottish national team, both home and away. ATAC directly represents over 1500 members of affiliated Tartan Army clubs throughout Scotland and beyond, but does not claim to directly represent the Tartan Army. We liaise regularly with the Scotland Supporters Club and Scottish FA staff in relation to issues specifically impacting supporters of the national team such as ticketing, travel & security, supporters experience, match buses, fan events, and much more.

ATAC also contributes to the wider conversation on Scottish and European Footballing issues as a whole. Our vice chair fills a seat on the board of Supporters Direct Scotland (SDS), who in turn hold a seat on the SFA Congress. We also participate in meetings and discussion with the supporters groups from the other Home Nations, and are members of, and engage with, Football Supporters Europe (FSE).

Each affiliated club sends a representative to the ATAC committee. This committee meets regularly with Scottish Football Association, promoting the best interests of every Scotland fan. Before ATAC was formed, there was no formal dialogue between Scotland fans and the SFA.

You don’t have to be a member of an affiliated Tartan Army Club to get your viewpoint across. ATAC will listen to any point raised by a member of the Scotland Supporters Club. If you have an issue you wish to raise, please email us.

Kraków Sporran Guide

ATAC are pleased to share a slightly different Sporran Guide to usual, on this occasion David McGirr and the Kraków Expats Directory have done all the hard work, thanks David. A link to their guide can be found within a high level Sporrran Guide ahead of our trip to Poland to face Ukraine this week.

Doonhamers take hame the Sevens

The 2022 ATAC Sevens hosted by the Falkirk and District Tartan Army was played on Sunday 28th August. It was a brilliant event with 9 teams entered DTA, ETA, FDTA, KTA, NETA, WESTA, WEBATA and 2 teams from the Doonhamers TA. All teams played against every other team once playing 8 x 10 minute games. The winners to be the team that topped the section. In the end there was a final as the last round of games featured Doonhamers 1 who had won 6 and drawn 1 of their previous games and Doonhamers 2 who had won all 7 matches. It was Doonhamers 2 who completed the perfect record to win the competition, the first time it had been played since 2019. Well done to the Doonhamers making their debut in the competition and a welcome addition to ATAC.

Doonhamers TA 1 and 2

There was also a walking football competition for the first time with 4 clubs sending a team, again all teams played the others once but this time there was a final and a 3rd/4th place match. Hosts FDTA who had finished 2nd in the group reversed the result of the group match to beat WEBATA in the final and win the first ATAC walking football competition. ETA beat WESTA on penalties for 3rd place. An excellent addition to the sevens and one we are likely to see again next time.

FDTA walking football team

It was brilliant to have the Sevens back and ATAC would like to thank FDTA and Neil Callaghan in particular for a fantastic well run event. The after party in the Graeme Hotel was even better with outstanding hospitality from our hosts. Well done to all teams for travelling, it was great to see so many having a good day out. Special well done to the drivers of the Doonhamers and NETA buses for staying the distance, hopefully we will see you all again next year in Dumfries.