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The Association of Tartan Army Clubs (ATAC) was formed in 2000 to act on behalf of fans of the Scottish national team, both home and away. ATAC directly represents over 1500 members of affiliated Tartan Army clubs throughout Scotland and beyond, but does not claim to directly represent the Tartan Army. We liaise regularly with the Scotland Supporters Club and Scottish FA staff in relation to issues specifically impacting supporters of the national team such as ticketing, travel & security, supporters experience, match buses, fan events, and much more.

ATAC also contributes to the wider conversation on Scottish and European Footballing issues as a whole. Our vice chair fills a seat on the board of Supporters Direct Scotland (SDS), who in turn hold a seat on the SFA Congress. We also participate in meetings and discussion with the supporters groups from the other Home Nations, and are members of, and engage with, Football Supporters Europe (FSE).

Each affiliated club sends a representative to the ATAC committee. This committee meets regularly with Scottish Football Association, promoting the best interests of every Scotland fan. Before ATAC was formed, there was no formal dialogue between Scotland fans and the SFA.

You don’t have to be a member of an affiliated Tartan Army Club to get your viewpoint across. ATAC will listen to any point raised by a member of the Scotland Supporters Club. If you have an issue you wish to raise, please email us.

Site Visit Presentation to Club Reps

After our AGM at Hampden on Sunday 12th May, we welcomed reps from many TA groups where our Chair and Vice Chair presented site visit info after their recent trip to Munich, Cologne and Stuttgart.

The more detailed notes can be found at the link below. The presentation, which can be found below was a more visual presentation highlighting key areas of interest within the host cities, and with photos from our trip. https://www.associationoftartanarmyclubs.com/2024/04/10/atacs-euro-2024-site-visits-to-cologne-stuttgart-munich/

We were also joined by Liam Douglas SNT SLO, Marti Stolarek SFA security, and reps from Police Scotland who delivered a security briefing.

The full presentation (made up of 2 files due to upload / space constraints) is available below.

Part 1 – Intro & Useful Info

Part 2 – City Specific

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Fan Walk for Scotland v Switzerland

After dialogue between ourselves, the Scottish FA, Cologne Host City team and Cologne Police we can now confirm some further details for the Tartan Army Fan Walk to the Cologne Stadium for our match v Switzerland.


The fan walk will start at Josef-Lammerting-Allee, a few minutes’ walk from the Technologie Park Train Station. The train from Cologne Central Station takes 8 minutes. This area will be closed off from 16:00 for us to gather – there will be concession stands, toilets, and bins at the fan meeting point, and of course, you can bring a carry out.

THE FAN WALK: 18:30.

The distance from the meeting point to the stadium is 1.7km. Approx 20-25 mins at average pace. In agreement with the Police and the Cologne mobility team, we aim to start the walk at 18:30. This should mean the front of the fan walk reaches the stadium by 19:00 and everyone arrive well before kick off. This gives Scotland fans plenty time to get into the stadium to enjoy the many concession stalls, with beer on sale inside the ground.

The route itself is a fairly straightforward walk, mostly flat through a residential area, with a very slight incline as we near the stadium. The police and security team will facilitate full road closure along the route, other than one main road crossing directly opposite the stadium. This will be operated as a staggered crossing, so please be patient when you arrive here. There will be bins and toilets along the route, so in appreciation to the local authorities for facilitating the Fan Walk, we’d ask supporters to be considerate of the residents on the route and make use of these please.


Bob Bell and others have set up a “Pipes & Drums of the Tartan Army” facebook group, and Bob has offered his support in coordinating pipers for the fan walk. If you are a piper or drummer, and are interested in taking part leading us to the stadium, please contact Bob through Facebook DM and he will add you to the group.

Please share amongst your clubs and groups and fellow TA.

Some Press Coverage

ATAC’s Euro 2024 Site Visits to Cologne, Stuttgart & Munich

Ahead of the Netherlands match, we were in Germany taking part in site visits to Cologne, Stuttgart and Munich. This was funded by UEFA/Euro2024, Football Supporters Europe (FSE) and KOS (Germans Fan Project). The organisers were keen that these visits should have representatives to cover all aspects of engagement from a fan and national association point of view. To achieve this we coordinated the visits alongside the Scottish National Team SLO and SFA Security rep.

The visits were carried out over three consecutive days and followed a similar format across the cities.  We experienced what many Scotland fans will encounter when they are travelling between and within the host cities this summer using public transport (we even managed to experience a cancelled train journey!). The morning sessions were led by the host city organisers where we visited Fan Zones, Fan Meeting Points, Public Viewing areas, Fans Embassies, Fan Welcome sites and other points of interest. Reps from the host city were joined by various other stakeholders including local tourist board, local police, mobility experts, a rep from the UK embassy (in Munich only), and the local KOS representative. We were then handed over to the Stadium Operations teams to discuss safety, security, entrance and egress at the stadium.  We saw the entrances the Scotland fans will use and the section within the stadium where our 10,000 fans will be located.

After returning from the match in the Netherlands, the notes below have been pulled together. In conjunction with the SFA we will be presenting more detailed findings at a meeting of Tartan Army groups at our next meeting in May.  If your group would like to send a rep then please contact us at info@associationoftartanarmyclubs.com  

These notes were correct at the time of publication, and based on our experiences as part of the site visits. Some decisions are still TBC at the time of writing and may be tweaked or changed as the tournament gets nearer, and we continue to be in dialogue with the host city teams.  We urge supporters to refer to the official Euro 2024 comms channels for up to date information.

***Materials published on this website and in this article, and any attachments and documents is the copyright of the Association of Tartan Army Clubs, and may not be quoted or reproduced in the media without prior permission or discussion with us***




FCDO / ATAC Meeting

The ATAC Chair and Vice-Chair attended a meeting with a two FCDO staff today about Consular Communications ahead of this year’s Euros.  Present were the Euros Liaison Officer at the Berlin Embassy who is assigned to Scotland’s Euro messaging, and the Consul to Ukraine who is assisting with the Scotland Consular communications for Euro 2024.

There are three main pillars to the Consular messaging.

1 – Signing up for FCDO travel advice and alerts

2 – Keeping belongings such as passport, phone etc safe during the tournament

3 – Respecting local laws and customs

The first covers items such as terror alerts, current advice all the way to mass casualty events.  We explained that signing up to these is usually a reactive behaviour, in that advice on these pages would be sought if/when something happens rather than in advance.

The second pillar is common sense and the TA has various members with a history of being serial passport losers.  We are aware that there will be on the ground help from UEFA/Euro 2024 in the event of ticket holders losing phones and will look to see that advice when it is available.

We have already covered some of the local laws and customs in our notes from the Frankfurt Fans Forum that we attended in January.  It is covered in the NFIP section from Day 1.  We will reiterate these messages over the coming months.

In addition to the active and loyal fanbase that ATAC represents we are aware that there will be many fans travelling that may not have been abroad to follow Scotland before.  Our communication channels may struggle to reach these people and this could possibly also be the case for any SFA/SSC and Consular messaging.  We have agreed to assist in pushing out important Consular messaging where we can.  The Consul staff will look to also engage the SFA and to put messaging in the media.  These can be done via match programmes, radio and TV programmes, alongside podcasts and similar digital routes.

We touched on routes that fans are taking and also where Scotland fans are likely to be based.  Currently there is no particular route or method that stands above any others.  The TA will be travelling over air, land and sea.  The superb public transport in Germany also means that fans can base themselves outwith the host cities and travel in and out for the matches.  The 36 hour free travel pass for ticket holders makes that particularly appealing.

Further meetings will be scheduled when required.

*Materials published on this website and in this article, and any attachments and documents is the copyright of the Association of Tartan Army Clubs, and may not be quoted or reproduced without prior permission

Euro 2024 Fans Forum – Frankfurt – Jan 2024

At the tail end of January, ATAC Chair & Vice Chair – Martin Riddell & Graeme Baxter – attended the UEFA Euro 2024 Fans Forum in Frankfurt, as we look forward to Scotland taking on Europe at this summer’s tournament.

The event brought together tournament organisers Euro2024 Gmbh, UEFA, and the 10 Host City organising teams, with National FAs, NFIP, German Ministry, Football Supporters Europe (FSE), Coordination Centre Fan Projects (KOS) and Supporters Representatives. This forms part of the engagement strand of Germanys Euro 2024 bid to deliver an unforgettable, safe, and enjoyable experience for fans at this summers tournament.

The three day event covered a range of presentations, discussions, and Q&A sessions on a wide range of the tournament plans, including Host City / Fan activations, Fan zones, fan walks, along with wider tournament aspects of safety & security, mobility, ticketing, comms, sustainability. etc. Our opportunity to meet One on One with the individual Host City teams were particularly valuable. It also gave us the opportunity to network with other supporters groups from around Europe.

you can read more about the event here – https://www.uefa.com/news/028a-1a138942be65-eeb9904b50a5-1000–euro-2024-fan-forum-united-by-football/

We’ve condensed the mountain of information we received down into some notes in the below document to share amongst ATAC members and fellow Scotland fans.

Should you have any follow up or questions, feel free to get in touch with us.

*Materials published on this website and in this article, and any attachments and documents is the copyright of the Association of Tartan Army Clubs, and may not be quoted or reproduced without prior permission