Welcome to The Association of Tartan Army Clubs (ATAC)


The Association of Tartan Army Clubs (ATAC) was formed in 2000 to act on behalf of fans of the Scottish national team, both home and away. ATAC directly represents over 1500 members of affiliated Tartan Army clubs throughout Scotland and beyond, but does not claim to directly represent the Tartan Army.

Each affiliated club sends a representative to the ATAC committee. This committee meets regularly with Scottish Football Association, promoting the best interests of every Scotland fan. Before ATAC was formed, there was no formal dialogue between Scotland fans and the SFA.

You don’t have to be a member of an affiliated Tartan Army Club to get your viewpoint across. ATAC will listen to any point raised by a member of the Scotland Supporters Club. If you have an issue you wish to raise, please email us.

ATAC Statement on Ticket Collection

ATAC has been made aware of the poor conduct of a minority of supporters at the Ticket Uplift point on the night of the England v Scotland match at Wembley.  This type of behaviour is unacceptable and we would remind members to be respectful of the SSC staff at all times regardless of the circumstances.”


England Match Tickets

ATAC will issue a guide for Wembley nearer the time of the game but discussions with the SFA ahead of the Slovakia game highlighted a potential challenge with the ticket sales period. Please note that the tickets for Wembley will go on sale shortly after our return from Slovakia. The SSC will be recording the Slovakia point before releasing the tickets –v- England, this will result in a short purchasing window, the SSC are aware of this but have recognised that this is the best way to ensure that the points system is up to date, ATAC supports this position – Keep an eye on your emails.


Malta Coach Parking Update

We had hoped to receive a map and specific details from the Maltese FA but this has not come through.

ATAC understands that the Maltese FA and local police have spoken to a number of local coach and mini bus operators (not all). We have been advised that an area close to the stadium has been set aside for those coaches and mini buses transporting Scottish fans. Organisers and convenors should follow the guidance supplied by local stewards and police who should direct buses to the allocated parking area. Those buses that will be dropping off and picking up after the game should also go to this area.

Enjoy the game

Association of Tartan Army Clubs