Welcome to The Association of Tartan Army Clubs (ATAC)


The Association of Tartan Army Clubs (ATAC) was formed in 2000 to act on behalf of fans of the Scottish national team, both home and away. ATAC directly represents over 1500 members of affiliated Tartan Army clubs throughout Scotland and beyond, but does not claim to directly represent the Tartan Army.

Each affiliated club sends a representative to the ATAC committee. This committee meets regularly with Scottish Football Association, promoting the best interests of every Scotland fan. Before ATAC was formed, there was no formal dialogue between Scotland fans and the SFA.

You don’t have to be a member of an affiliated Tartan Army Club to get your viewpoint across. ATAC will listen to any point raised by a member of the Scotland Supporters Club. If you have an issue you wish to raise, please email us.

Malta Coach Parking Update

We had hoped to receive a map and specific details from the Maltese FA but this has not come through.

ATAC understands that the Maltese FA and local police have spoken to a number of local coach and mini bus operators (not all). We have been advised that an area close to the stadium has been set aside for those coaches and mini buses transporting Scottish fans. Organisers and convenors should follow the guidance supplied by local stewards and police who should direct buses to the allocated parking area. Those buses that will be dropping off and picking up after the game should also go to this area.

Enjoy the game

Association of Tartan Army Clubs

Malta – Scottish Supporters Bus Parking


Those fans who were in Malta for the Italy game will know that there were some issues with parking at the Stadium. Recognising this ATAC have been liaising with the SFA security officer on parking for Scottish supporters buses.

Only official coaches – Team, SFA officials and Media will park in official car park at the stadium. Other coaches will be routed to park adjacent to the National Park a short walk from the stadium (we hope to circulate a map on Thursday following a security meeting).

However, ALL persons arranging travel by coach or mini bus for Scottish fans should contact their bus or tour operator with the request that they contact the Maltese FA who will issue them with a PASS and specific instructions on where they should park. The Maltese FA would prefer to have the requests by Thursday.

If you know of anyone organising transport please pass this message to them.

Parking is very restricted in the vicinity of the stadium, it will be dark when leaving the stadium and the area is very poorly lit, therefore it is requested that all organisers and convenors accept the assistance of the Maltese FA and follow the instructions of officials and local police around the stadium.

Association of Tartan Army Clubs

Happy New Year

The committee of ATAC would like to wish all our clubs and their members a Happy New Year and hope that 2016 is a good year for them as we start to look towards the World Cup in 2018. We hope to increase the activity and the effectiveness of ATAC this year, if you or your club would like to get involved or know more then use the form to CONTACT US.

We also remind you all that SSC early bird offer for renewals closes on 2nd February so don’t forget to sign up especially now that we have some games to look forward to in March.

SFA Meeting


ATAC were really pleased to be able to send members of the interim committee to meet with representatives of the Scottish FA and the SSC earlier this month. Ahead of it we obtained really good feedback from members of a wide variety of our clubs and we presented this at the meeting. It was a very constructive meeting and various subjects like the upcoming SSC renewal process and the ticket pricing policy were discussed. We hope it is the first of many discussions as we strive to build that relationship and to make ATAC a productive association. A summary of this meeting can be found in the following link.

ATAC-SFA Meeting Summary 10 Nov 2015