ATAC & SFA meeting – 15 October 2011

Association of Tartan Army Clubs and SFA/SSC


Jane Thomson SFA Events (JT)
Colin Banks SFA Marketing (CB)
Alison Jack SSC Customer Services (AJ)
Derek Kirkwood SFA Security (DK)
Kathryn Jones Hampden Business and Banqueting Events (KJ)
Siobhan Boyd SSC Customer Services (SB) Jim Brown ATAC/WESTA (JB)
Hamish Husband ATAC/WESTA (HH)
Mike Scales ATAC/LADTA (MS)
John Callaghan ATAC/KoFTA (JC)
Gordon MacLarty ATAC/IWTA (GM)
Louise MacLarty ATAC/IWTA (LM)

Item Description Action By
All General
1.  Catering

ATAC had been requested to deliver feedback re Hampden catering

• JB started by reading out some e-mails from ATAC Members by way of feedback on catering at Hampden. The e-mails were very negative but KJ took them on board and thanked JB for the feedback
• KJ detailed how the catering at Hampden has historically been handled by two suppliers (Scotch and Macaroni pies from one supplier, steak pies from another) but that she was considering her options.
• JB informed KJ that the consensus was that the steak pies were of a far better quality than the others

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Liechtenstein and Spain: Message from Derek Kirkwood, SFA

Just a personal thank you from me for all the help with the matches in Liechtenstein and Spain which both went incredibly well. The Police and British Embassies in both countries were nervous about the ‘Tartan Invasion’ and it took a lot of work and convincing them that it would be fine which we both knew it would be.

I was very proud of the response the guys gave to the request about the national anthem issue and also their behaviour in Spain which was simply superb. I have had many platitudes from the authorities including the UEFA Delegates regarding the fans behaviour and believe me when I say they have enhanced an already great reputation, well done to everyone.

Can I ask that you pass on my thanks to your members and let them know of the further respect they have so rightly earned from the authorities.

Thanks to everyone involved.

ATAC – SFA Meeting 3rd October 2011

Association of Tartan Army Clubs

Notes from meeting – ATAC & SSC/SFA
Thursday 29 September 2011 at 3.30.p.m. Hampden, Glasgow

Present :-

Jim Brown, West of Scotland Tartan Army
Scott Pilmer, Hebrides Bar Edinburgh Tartan Army
Colin Banks, Marketing Manager SFA
Alison Jack, Customer Services Manager SSC
Derek Kirkwood, Security Officer SFA

The meeting opened with general greetings.

1. ATAC sought confirmation of the kick off time for the away match in Spain. As a number of members had expressed concern that this may change or at least should be questioned, due to the lateness of the kick off in Lithuania recognising that final matches should kick off at the same time. Colin Banks made a couple of telephone calls and confirmed that the game in Alicante will kick off at 8.45.p.m. whilst the match in Lithuania would start at the equivalent local time. Continue reading