ATAC’s Euro 2024 Site Visits to Cologne, Stuttgart & Munich

Ahead of the Netherlands match, we were in Germany taking part in site visits to Cologne, Stuttgart and Munich. This was funded by UEFA/Euro2024, Football Supporters Europe (FSE) and KOS (Germans Fan Project). The organisers were keen that these visits should have representatives to cover all aspects of engagement from a fan and national association point of view. To achieve this we coordinated the visits alongside the Scottish National Team SLO and SFA Security rep.

The visits were carried out over three consecutive days and followed a similar format across the cities.  We experienced what many Scotland fans will encounter when they are travelling between and within the host cities this summer using public transport (we even managed to experience a cancelled train journey!). The morning sessions were led by the host city organisers where we visited Fan Zones, Fan Meeting Points, Public Viewing areas, Fans Embassies, Fan Welcome sites and other points of interest. Reps from the host city were joined by various other stakeholders including local tourist board, local police, mobility experts, a rep from the UK embassy (in Munich only), and the local KOS representative. We were then handed over to the Stadium Operations teams to discuss safety, security, entrance and egress at the stadium.  We saw the entrances the Scotland fans will use and the section within the stadium where our 10,000 fans will be located.

After returning from the match in the Netherlands, the notes below have been pulled together. In conjunction with the SFA we will be presenting more detailed findings at a meeting of Tartan Army groups at our next meeting in May.  If your group would like to send a rep then please contact us at  

These notes were correct at the time of publication, and based on our experiences as part of the site visits. Some decisions are still TBC at the time of writing and may be tweaked or changed as the tournament gets nearer, and we continue to be in dialogue with the host city teams.  We urge supporters to refer to the official Euro 2024 comms channels for up to date information.

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