Tennents Tartan Army Cup

The Tennents TA CUP (11-a-side) is played as per a normal cup knockout competition.


The first official Tartan Army tournament took place in June 1999 at the Jeanfield Swifts Football Club in Perth with four teams competing in an 11-a-side tournament for the STC Cup, kindly donated by the SFA.

The Tournament continued as an 11-a-side format for one more year before being changed to a 7-a-side format in 2001, due to the number of teams wishing to compete,

To fill the void left by the change in format, Tennents donated the “Tennents Tartan Army Trophy” in 2000, and this has taken the place of the STC Cup as the 11-a-side tournament



  • Entry is subject to a £25 entry fee per team. This is to cover medals and expenses for the final.
  • Matches must be played on the date decided by cup committee. Any change in date must be agreed between both clubs and requires approval from Cup committee. Failure to fulfil fixture will result in a bye for the opposition team.
  • Home team, as hosts will arrange and pay for Grass or Astroturf pitch, referee, changing facilities WITH SHOWERS, and post match hospitality. Home team will have the choice of colour of Strip.
  • Matches should embrace the fair play ethos and as competition is ONLY for SSC members of the Tartan Army only and should also be played in the spirit of the Tartan Army. Referee will inspect SSC Cards prior to KO and breech may result in disqualification from the competition.
  • Team lists must be written up and handed to referee 20 mins before KO.
  • Team managers must BOTH phone in result after final whistle and before first pint of Tennents is consumed. They must also post in quick match reports, oppositions team lines and any comments feedback within 3 days of match.

Previous Winners

2011 – South Edinburgh Tartan Army

2010 – Bonnybridge Tartan Army

2009 -Perth Tartan Army

2008 – East of Scotland Tartan Army

2007 -Bunnybridge Tartan Army

2006 – East of Scotland Tartan Army

2005 – East of Scotland Tartan Army

2004 – Kirkcaldy Tartan Army

2003 – East of Scotland Tartan Army

2002  – East of Scotland Tartan Army

2001 – East of Scotland Tartan Army