SSC Fair Play Cup

The STC cup is played as a one day tournament, with each team getting a minimum of 4 x 15 minute matches.

  • Each club must have a minimum 25 STC members.
  • Each club must have a constitution.
  • A £25 entry fee must be paid in advance, two months before tournament (This goes towards referees, food and entertainment)
  • Each club member must be prepared to have a great day/night out and behave in typical TA fashion.

All players must be current STC members, and membership cards must be presented on the day of tournament.


The first official Tartan Army tournament took place in June 1999 at the Jeanfield Swifts Football Club in Perth with four teams competing in an 11-a-side tournament for the STC Cup, kindly donated by the SFA.

The Tournament continued as an 11-a-side format for one more year before being changed to a 7-a-side format in 2001, due to the number of teams wishing to compete,


Previous Winners:

2011 – Edinburgh Tartan Army

2010 – South Edinburgh Tartan Army

2009 – Perth Tartan Army

2008 – West of Scotland Tartan Army

2007 – Perth Tartan Army

2006 –

2005 –

2004 – Edinburgh Tartan Army

2003 – Perthshire Tartan Army win, but cheat by having a squad of 11 (rather than 10)

2002 – Perthshire Tartan Army

2001 – East of Scotland Tartan Army

2000 – Highland Tartan Army

1999 – Highland Tartan Army