Euro 2024 Ticket Sale Fiasco

Today should have been a day of celebration for the Tartan Army getting their hands on a ticket for the upcoming Euros.  The reality is that it has turned in to a shambles.  A quick and workable solution needs to be found to allow excited and the most loyal fans to secure their tickets for next summer.

We are extremely disappointed and concerned that there was no supporter consultation in advance of the ticket sale schedule and methodology. The opportunity was there. Additionally, we would have expected the SFA to have consulted with other participating nations in order to identify best practice. This was a serious failing.

After attending Fan Embassy workshops in Hamburg last weekend, ATAC got a flavour of what other countries do to sell their tickets and we have been in discussions with the SFA’s Scotland Supporters Club since the beginning of this week to highlight these.

Accountability for what caused this will come in due course, but the most important thing is to have this fixed and communicated as soon as possible.

Contact: Hamish Husband +44 7943 875943

Martin Riddell +44 7974 801315