ATAC Constitution

1. Name

  • Association of Tartan Army Clubs

2. Aims

  • To represent the interests and views of both the member organizations and the wider community of Supporters of the Scotland National Football Team with any interested parties and organizations.
  • To promote support for the Scotland National Football Teams.
  • To promote and enhance the good reputation of Scottish Football Supporters at home and abroad.
  • ATAC is against ageism, sexism and racism.

3. Membership

  • The Association’s membership consists of properly constituted Scotland Supporters clubs or associations.
  • Clubs must have a minimum of 25 individual members, whom are also Scotland Travel Club (STC) members.
  • Annual review of membership numbers will take place in June each year.
  • No ATAC club will be permitted to have a closed membership to new members.
  • There will be no individual or personal memberships of ATAC.

4. Subscription

  • There will be no annual fee paid by member clubs or associations only costs for general administration and events.

5. Termination of Membership

  • The membership of any club or association can only be terminated by the Committee on the basis of a majority vote.

6. Committee

  • The core of the committee will consist of nominated representative of full member clubs, plus ATAC spokesman, with the chair being rotated each meeting.
  • The core of the committee cannot contain more than one representative from any individual member club.
  • The committee will meet on a regular basis, minimum of four times annually, to deal with ongoing business.
  • Any committee meeting must have quorum of at least five members.

7. Mode for altering the constitution

  • These rules and regulations may be added to, repealed or amended by resolution at any meeting of the association, provided that the supporting motion is carried by a majority of at least two thirds of the member associations voting thereon.

8. Dissolution

  • In the event of termination of the association, any surplus funds shall be disbursed to a suitable registered charity to be decided upon by a simple vote of the member clubs and associations.

Constitution reviewed and approved on 22nd June 2003.

End of Document